Brisbane Roof Rebedding and Repointing

Re-bedding is the process of changing the bedding substance (often a type of mortar) in the space between the substrate and the roof tiles. Replacing the pointing material (typically a sort of sealant) that lines the spaces in between the tiles is known as "repointing."

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Rebedding the Roof Eliminates Leaks

Repointing and rebedding your roof are both crucial for preserving its structural integrity. It can result in cavities and gaps that allow water to leak in if the bedding or pointing material begins to deteriorate. This can eventually result in severe damage, such as leaks, rot, and even collapse.

Repointing and Maintaining Roofs

Professional roofers at Sky High Roofing in Brisbane specialise in roof maintenance, rebedding, and repointing. The optimum course of action can be determined by our knowledgeable and skilled evaluation of your roof. Re-bedding and repointing are tasks that can be included in a routine maintenance schedule for your roof. However, if you discover any issues with your roof, you may also get them fixed as needed. Re-pointing and re-bedding are not common do-it-yourself projects. These services are also part of our full roof restoration in Brisbane.

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Brisbane Repointing or Rebedding

Re-pointing versus re-bedding are two distinct processes. Repointing entails changing the pointing material, whereas re-bedding entails changing the bedding material. Which one is best for your roofing system can be determined by our expert roofers.

Repointing and rebedding are frequently done simultaneously. One or the other, however, may be required in specific circumstances. A qualified roofer will be able to evaluate your roof and choose the best course of action.

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Cost of Repointing and Rebedding a Roof

Repointing entails filling in any cracks or holes in the mortar, as opposed to re-bedding, which requires replacing the mortar between your roof tiles. Both of these procedures are crucial to maintaining the water tightness and general condition of your roof. The price will vary according to the size, intricacy, and materials used for your roof. The warranty period for re-bedding and re-pointing is normally 10–20 years. Contact Sky High Roofing Brisbane for a roofing inspection if you believe your roof may require re-bedding or repointing. If this is the best course of action for your roof, our Brisbane roofers will be able to determine it.